Worcester Garden Club


Coming Up Roses!

On May 17, 2016, Worcester Garden club members were treated to a rose-growing workshop led by Joan Laracy. Twelve members and one spouse were enlightened by Joan and were excited to get back to their gardens to plant in new roses and buff up old.

Penny Kaczyk holds one of her photographs, a pot of tulips in front of a painting. She captured an Impressionistic illusion!

In-House Flower Show a Great Success!

On Monday, March 21, 2016, WGC held an in-house flower show at the Worcester Club. A flower show judge, Maryellen O'Brien of the Lenox Garden Club, and horticulture judge, Mary Liz Lewis of the Garden Club of Dublin, travelled in a snow storm to comment on members' offerings and explain the fine points of competing in a flower show. Kathy Farber and Kim Cutler pinch hit for the photography judge who was unable to come. Everyone was impressed with the entries and learned something new from the presenters.
Kudos to the committee for creating a wonderful, supportive program. Thanks go to Kathy Michie, Penny Booth, Lisa Huntington, Penny Kaczyk, and Binky Bennett.
Please look at the Design, Horticulture, and Photography section of this website to revisit the show.

Share the Excitement of a Pollinator Project

Who are the pollinators? Birds, bees, bats butterflies, moths, beetles other animals or the wind. Many of these pollinators are in trouble, mostly from environmental abuse.

An ad-hoc committee has been formed to explore the idea of a WGC project that would promote and protect pollinators and would ideally involve our entire membership while collaborating with other Worcester County institutions.

Several of our area organizations are already involved in pollinator projects so our first step is to explore just what everyone is planning and then hopefully fill in the gaps.

We discovered several wonderful resources including www.pollinator.org . It is wonderfully comprehensive and worth a visit.

Please visit the Horticulture Sectionof this website
to read the Pollinator Case Statement.

The Purposes of the Worcester Garden Club Are:

  • To promote the knowledge and appreciation of gardening, horticulture, flower arranging, and all phases of conservation;
  • To educate the community in the art of gardening, in the science of horticulture and in the conservation of all our national and local resources;
  • To encourage and develop civic planting throughout Worcester County.