Worcester Garden Club


Passing the Gavel

On Monday, June 15 at the home of Tia Lotuff, the Worcester Garden Club held its Annual Meeting and Luncheon. The event spelled the end to Sarah Ribiero’s very successful term as president. In this photo she welcomes the new president, Phyllis Pollack. For more photos of members receiving GCA awards, go to the members section of this website.

Celebrating an Addition to the Smithsonian’s Archive of American Gardens

On Monday, May 15, a big group of club members braved the rain to celebrate the McDonough’s garden inclusion in the prestigeous list of American gardens. The first order of business was to hear from Isabel Wheat, landscape architect, about the history of the garden. Her presentation was followed by lots of questions which special guest John Trexler helped to answer. The audience then went outside (in the drizzle) a walked through the garden experiencing its loveliness first hand. Finally, we were treated to a glorious quiche lunch in the cosy (warm) MCDonough home. It was a great morn ing. Special thanks goes to Lisa for her hospitality, Lura Harrison for organizing the meal, and Susan Palatucci for her work on the proposal to the Smithsonian. We appreciate the ladies that provided the meal: Sue Woodbury, Ann-Cathrine Rapp, Maureen Kelleher, Mary Ann Brockelman, Judy Vander Salm, Patti Moynihan, Penny Booth, Sarah Ribeiro, and Joan Laracy. To see more pictures from the day, go to the members section of the website.

On Friday, May 12th, fourteen WGC members met at Green Hill Park and planted dozens and dozens of plants. They worked hard and completed the plantings in the new cobblestone garden, weeded the 3 small terrace gardens and planted the small garden to the right of the pavilion. The gardens are a beautiful gift to Green Hill Park and to the City of Worcester. We can all share in the pride of this project because it is our garden.
Our sincere thanks to all who came to help and especially to Penny Kaczyk, who spearheaded this project, along with Cacky Hodgson and Lisa Huntington. The planters were Barbara Athy, Isa Bayon, Betsy Beth, Maryellen Collins, Cacky Hodgson, Lisa Huntington, Penny Kaczyk and her husband Gene, Alison Kenary, Mary Ann Kennedy, Minh Mailloux, Heather Maykel, Patti Oyer, Sarah Ribeiro and Donna Rose.

The Purposes of the Worcester Garden Club Are:

  • To promote the knowledge and appreciation of gardening, horticulture, flower arranging, and all phases of conservation;
  • To educate the community in the art of gardening, in the science of horticulture and in the conservation of all our national and local resources;
  • To encourage and develop civic planting throughout Worcester County.