Worcester Garden Club


Share the Excitement of a Pollinator Project

Who are the pollinators? Birds, bees, bats butterflies, moths, beetles other animals or the wind. Many of these pollinators are in trouble, mostly from environmental abuse.

An ad-hoc committee has been formed to explore the idea of a WGC project that would promote and protect pollinators and would ideally involve our entire membership while collaborating with other Worcester County institutions.

Several of our area organizations are already involved in pollinator projects so our first step is to explore just what everyone is planning and then hopefully fill in the gaps.

We discovered several wonderful resources including www.pollinator.org . It is wonderfully comprehensive and worth a visit.

The next meeting is at Cindy Pitcher’s house, Monday, October 19 at 4 PM.


WGC Members Enjoy The Blue Garden
Newport, Rhode Island

On September 17th, thirty-three members of the Garden Club went to Newport, Rhode Island to explore the Blue Garden. The garden, only open on Thursdays, was restored to its current glory in 2014. Plans for the Blue Garden were developed and refined by Frederick Law Olmstead, Jr. for the James Family's Beacon Hill Estate in 1911-13. The garden included pergola, pools and a garden room in a cruciform design. This garden room was shaped to classical proportions and enlivened by an unusual horticultural palette requested by Mrs. James, “a monochromatic concentration of purples and blues.” Hidden behind a dense border of trees and shrubs, it was a secret garden, a hortus conclusus.

The Purposes of the Worcester Garden Club Are:

  • To promote the knowledge and appreciation of gardening, horticulture, flower arranging, and all phases of conservation;
  • To educate the community in the art of gardening, in the science of horticulture and in the conservation of all our national and local resources;
  • To encourage and develop civic planting throughout Worcester County.

First Meeting at WPI

On September 22nd, the membership was treated to interesting presentation by Al DiMauro, Assistant Vice President of Facilities, about maintaining the campus of the college, fulfilling the needs of the students, and making it welcoming and all visitors. it was amazing to learn that the campus is constantly changing its buildings, landscape, and pathways to keep up with current trends in education. The lecture concluded with a tour of Higgins House Gardens, a sumptuous end to an informative morning.