Worcester Garden Club


An Exciting Event for You and Your Friends in April!

WGC Goes to Washington!

How exciting to see representatives of the Worcester Garden Club in Representative Jim McGovern's office! From left to right are: Kimberly Hatfield, Stacey McCarthy, Penny Booth, Binky Bennett, and Carolyn Ross (the Zone 1 NAL Representative). We will hear all about it at our next meeting.

Beautiful Bonsai!

On February 12, the membership was treated to a wonderful program on bonsai at the Ecotarium. The speaker, Michael Levin, the founder of Bonsai West, Littleton, Massachusetts, cares for the most extensive collection of specimen Bonsai outside of Japan. He described the basics of Bonsai design including its history, indoor and outside care, transplanting, wiring and pruning; in addition, he created two bonsai trees on the spot. The one pictured above is a juniper. Road trip anyone?

The Purposes of the Worcester Garden Club Are:

  • To promote the knowledge and appreciation of gardening, horticulture, flower arranging, and all phases of conservation;
  • To educate the community in the art of gardening, in the science of horticulture and in the conservation of all our national and local resources;
  • To encourage and develop civic planting throughout Worcester County.