Worcester Garden Club


Celebrating 90 Year of Garden History

F For ninety years, members of the Worcester Garden Club have been learning, doing, contributing and advocating for the natural environment. It was founded in 1919 by two enterprising women, Frances Morse and Gertrude Whitall. When inspired by a Flower Show held at Horticultural Hall (original home of Worcester County Horticultural Society, the third oldest horticultural society in the country) these women decided to invite interested colleagues to take part in their new venture. Meetings were held in people’s homes with the purpose of advancing horticultural knowledge to its members. Activities included educational programs, flower shows, garden tours and community service. These activities continue today.

Working on the Worcester Common in 2008

Seven enthusiastic gardeners work on the Worcester Common

Learning Today

Worcester Garden Club is dedicated to educating its members through monthly meetings which include programs, workshops or trips to places of interest. Content varies widely but can generally be described as conservation, design or horticulture.

Doing Today

The Club encourages all members to participate in the club’s activities. This might mean helping to maintain a community garden, creating a floral arrangement, or participating in a very active Conservation Committee. At the Worcester Garden Club we "dig in" and get our hands dirty!

Since its inception WGC has been active in the community’s parks and gardens. Whether it is by continuing regular maintenance, assisting with requests for landscape planning, actual planting or helping to make a difference financially in a local project, Worcester Garden Club quietly continues to be a part of the community and its public spaces.

Flower shows have long been a source of pleasure to the public. Many of the area’s organizations rely on Worcester Garden Club members to bring these artful arrangements to their events. Annual participation includes Flora in Winter and Art in Bloom, but each year there are additional flower shows and events that WGC brightens up.

Several times a year WGC’s Conservation Committee meets for well organized roundtable discussions. It is an active, enthusiastic and involved group of people who touch on concerns around the community and the state.

Over the years, WGC members have served on boards and committees, which address issues about the environment and the community. Most recently the club has been working with the city on street tree education made necessary in part by the Asian Longhorned Beetle infestation and the December 2008 ice storm.