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Members after a  work session at the zoo

Green Hill Park

The Worcester Garden Club has been active at Green Hill since the 1990's. Three areas were the focus of landscaping improvements: the Zoo Garden, the Memorial Orchard, and three refectory gardens located on the hill across from the Massachusetts Vietnam Memorial. The planting, weeding, and watering of these last three gardens are maintained by volunteers from our club.

The Burnside Fountain

Burnside Fountain

The Burnside Fountain was given to the city of Worcester in 1905 by Harriett Foster Burnside in memory of her father. Originally designed as a sculpture and fountain for the public with four basins to provide water for their horses, the statue of a boy riding a sea turtle is now located on the Common across from the Worcester Public Library. Charles Harvey was the sculptor who worked under the direction of Daniel Chester French. Unfortunately, there is no longer a water source for the fountain, but the garden club has designed and still maintains its surrounding garden.