Flower Shows


General Rules

Entries will be accepted only the morning of the show from 8:30- 9:30 a.m.. Entry cards must be filled out with botanical and common names. There will be someone to assist in this, or it can be done ahead of time. All entries must be passed by the committee. Protected and endangered species are not allowed. Questions may be directed to the Flower Show Chairmen.

Design Division

All fresh plant material is required unless otherwise stated. (Artificial plant material is not allowed.) Exhibitors are responsible for accurate identification of plant material. Entries will be limited; exhibit space must be reserved in advance. Accessories permitted in all classes.

Horticulture Division

All entries must have been in the exhibitor's possession for at least three months. This rule will not apply in a fall Horticulture Show. The committee may subdivide any class when needed. The committee will provide containers. “Other” means any plant material not already listed.

Helpful Hints

Cut in early morning or early evening, and the soil should be moist before cutting. All plant material should be well conditioned and at the peak of bloom. Look for straight, sturdy stems. If the stem grows with foliage attached, it must retain enough foliage to balance the stem and flowers. The length of the stem must be in proportion to the flowers.

Select plant material that is as nearly perfect as possible. Remember to thoroughly groom your exhibits. Remove all dead or damaged leaves and any pests. Clean the outside of your containers, and any staking should be inconspicuous. All live material must be in water, and mechanics in the design division should not show.

Produce from the garden will be displayed on paper plates provided by the committee, with five small specimens to a plate, three medium and one large. Don't wash fruits or vegetables.