Flower Shows


Flora in Winter 2012

January 29-29, 2012
Worcester Art Museum
Tower Hill Botanic Garden

The Tenth Anniversary of Flora in Winter showcased an impressive level of talent from our members.

Sarah Ribeiro created two ceramic vessels to hold her arrangements interpreting twin portraits of Mr. and Mrs Freake.

Kathy Michie interpreted a two-sided Chinese Buddhist stele and created a two-sided arrangement.

Kim Cutler played off the wood-filled boxes in Louise Nevelson's Black Garden Wall. She turned them 90 degrees and filled them with flowers.

Julie Lapham's luscious modern mass arrangement caught the essence of this elegant Roman sculpture.

Susan Dewey worked with color and line to bring del Sarto's St. John the Baptist to life.

Mary Fletcher chose an early 20th century portrait of a family member to interpret.

Robin Whitney was intrigued by Bierstadt's Yosemite Falls. She recreated the falling water and landscape using two containers.

At Tower Hill, Ginna Thoma created a "Floral Feast" using multiple containers."