Flower Shows


Flora in Winter 2017
January 26-19,2017
Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA

Marne Mailhot seated her holy family of flowers in a beautiful landscape. Only her second time at Flora, she did a masterful job.

Julie Lapham and Sarah Ribeiro worked together to create this charming interpretation of an American folk art portrait.

Susan Dewey worked with the grey blue and dark red of this polychrome sculpture to bring out its gentle rhythms of the Virgin’s robes.

Mary Fletcher used small scale golden flowers to capture the lovely golden pattern on this Japanese lacquered box.

Kim Cutler loved working in the Ed Emberley exhibit. She made two floral animals to go with his painted doors.

Robin Whitney captured the jewel-like colors and fresh blossoms of this Severin Roesen floral still life. She bemoaned the fact fruit is not allowed in the museum.

Kathy Michie interpreted a French flower painting studio. The complex composition came together using three containers and delicate pinks and green flowers.

Barbara interpreted a tiny Greek lekythos with Dionysus and satyrs. Using colors from the vessel, she put her precious arrangement in a wine glass!

Joan Laracy debuted in Flora decorating the bathrooms on the fourth floor. She used exuberant color in keeping with the event’s theme and the counter tops.

Sally completed this exquisite arrangement in one hour while teaching the attendees all her floral design secrets. We were more than impressed.