The Mighty Six Clean-up Green Hill Park Gardens

Minh Mailloux, Mary Ellen Collins, Donna Rose, Donna Williams, Penny Kaczyk, and Phyllis Pollack brought rakes and shovels to do much needed clean-up at the gardens at Green Hill. Thank you Soil Sisters!

Welcome to The Arboretum at Green Hill Park

This unique and tranquil site within Worcester's largest park was created through a collaborative effort of the Worcester Garden Club and the City of Worcester. Inspired by the devastation caused by the Asian longhorned beetle, the arboretum highlights the importance of incorporating species diversity in landscape design. These living examples will help visitors choose the right tree for the right place. Signs provide information about each tree, the Asian longhorned beetle, and about how to make wise choices in creating your own inviting landscape. It's the perfect place to visit, whether to learn about and enjoy the many varieties of trees, to have a picnic, or just to take a leisurely walk.
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More on the Arboretum

Worcester Garden Club Founders Fund Committee members Application to The Garden Club of America Founders Fund October 1, 2010 Beyond The Beetle: A Strategy of Diversity Green Hill Park Arboretum Co-Chairmen: Mary Oakley, Cacky Hodgson Betsy Beth, Deb Cary, Tommy Dearborn, Betsy DeMallie, Sue Durham, Kathy Farber, Pat Halpin, Penny Kaczyk, Judy McCann, Kathy Michie, Donna Rose, Betsy Sargisson, Judy Vander Salm, Meridith Wesby, Donna Williams, Nancy Wilson

July 27, 2010, WGC Founders Fund Committee members met with Members of the Garden Club of Dublin. GCA requires approval of a Founders Fund proposal by a second GCA club.

2013 WGC President Cindy Pitcher and Arboretum Committee Chair Cacky Hodgson show off informational sign touting diversity.

Two of the four informational signs in the Green Hill Park Arboretum.

Bringing Green Spaces to Everyone

Since the founding of the Worcester Garden Club, our members have been engaged in helping the community design, build, plant and maintain gardens in public spaces. These pockets of greenery are all around the city giving pleasure to our citizens and providing oases for children and families who live in congested areas. You can learn about recent projects by clicking on the list in the green box.

Green Hill Park Clean-up, Fall 2012

Arbor Day, April 27, 2012

WGC wishes to extend heartfelt thanks to Brian Breveleri, Supervisor of the city's Forestry Operations for his immediate support of the arboretum project and his vision to celebrate the GCA Award on Arbor Day. WGC also wishes to sincerely thank Rob Antonelli, Assistant Commissioner of Parks, Recreation & Cemetery Division, and Joyce Lee, Senior Staff Assistant, Department of Public Works & Parks, for their steadfast assistance. Beth Pratt, GCA Zone I Founders Fund Representative in 2010-2011, continues to guide and advise WGC.

It must be the highest form of collaboration when one can say, with all sincerity, "We couldn't have done it without you!"

On the day before Arbor Day, a posse from WGC and Brian Breveleri "welcomed" the trees.

Special equipment was needed to move the mature trees.

Rob Antonelli, Assistant Commissioner, expresses appreciation to the Garden Club for their work on the "Beyond the Beetle" project.

Kathy Michie, President of WGC, thanks the City, the committee members, and the GCA for making the Arboretum possible.

Watering the tree.

Forester and students install a Gator drip bag to keep the young tree watered.

planting the tree

Russ Anderson and Tech students admire their handy work after planting a tree.