Flower Shows


Daffodil Show, May 3-4, 2016

Tower Hill Botanic Garden
Boylston, MA

Class I: Ornament in the Garden

First place design by Sherri Pitcher. "Ribbit!"

Marne Mailhot, Second place. "Thoughtful placement of plant material creates a successful design."

Maggie Maple. Third place. "Bold choice of components! Humming birds detract from the overall design"

Lucy Linwood. Honorable mention. "Mass of narcissus balance weight of rocks. Arrangement is missing an obvious garden ornament."

Class II: Wind in the Garden

Mary Fletcher. First place and Best in Show. "Spring breezes promise the warmth of yet to come."

Joan Laracy. Third place. "Creative and daring choice of plant material. Strong “wind” creates an imbalance in design."

Kathy Michie. Honorable Mention "Branch material creates an interesting line. Abundance of material detracts from the rhythm of design.

Sarah Ribeiro. Second place. "Soft breezes rustle spring flowers. Container heavy for design."