Flower Shows


Seven States Dafodil Show

May 2-3, 2015
Tower Hill Botanic Garden
Boylston, MA

Class One: Domitian's Pool

Margaret Magnolia got blue for her arrangement using a wire screen as a backdrop.

Lisa Laurel used budded branches in her exuberant design. She won a red ribbon.

Marne Mailhot took third place in the Domitian's Pool class.

Robin Whitney paired bright yellow daffodils with intense purple iris.

Class Two: Limonia

Kathy Michie channeled a sailing ship in her second place arrangement. Her vase is the hull and branches create the spars.

Amy Appleblossom used woven flax leaves to provide a background for her bright yellow daffodils.

Using a container she made, Sarah Ribeiro won a yellow ribbon combining angular sticks with delicate daffodils.

Cindy and Sherri Pitcher paired a riot of yellow and orange daffodils with some bent branches.