Flower Shows


Since 1919, our members have demonstrated their talents at Flower Shows within Massachusetts and beyond. A portion of WGC's programming supports this activity through demonstrations and hands-on workshops. We are always amazed at the creativity and originality that resides in these individuals!

This page will always display work from the latest major flower show. For previous shows, click on the links to the left in the green bar. To see all or our designer's work, please scroll down.

Singing in the Rain

Worcester Club
April 23, 2018

Class 3 – Vernal Pool

First time exhibitor, Penny Kaczyk wowed us all with her Best in Show floral design. She took leaf manipulation top a whole new level!

Sarah Ribeiro won a red ribbon for her wind swept design using a manzanita branch and orchids.

Julie Lapham created a beautiful design pairing skunk cabbage and gerbera daisies in a natural bark container.

Class 2 - April Showers

Joan Laracy favored delicate pink garden roses in this elegant spring design which received the blue ribbon.

Kathy Michie won 2nd for this diagonal wonder which paired rich brown foliage with deep pink ranunculus.

Ulrike Lies used tulips and daffodils, flowers of the season, in this fresh spring bouquet. Note her container, glass mounted on a wooden burl.

Class 1 - Come in . . .Out of the Rain

Barbara Athy won the blue for a early spring table featuring yellow and orange flowers with contrasting green placemats.

Mary Fletcher and Heather Maykel worked together to stage an elegant table using creamy greens and yellows with coral accents.

Tracy Dill put together a fanciful combination of hot pink, black and white. Her contemporary dishes were a show stopper.

Working with rich cobalt blue accents, Sarah Lenis channeled her inner child and put a fairy garden in the center of her table.