Flower Shows


Since 1919, our members have demonstrated their talents at Flower Shows within Massachusetts and beyond. A portion of WGC's programming supports this activity through demonstrations and hands-on workshops. We are always amazed at the creativity and originality that resides in these individuals!

This page will always display work from the latest major flower show. For previous shows, click on the links to the left in the green bar. To see all or our designer's work, please scroll down.

Rhode Island Flower and Garden Show
April 4-7, 2019
Rhode Island Convention Center
Providence, RI

JULIE LAPHAM DOES IT AGAIN! In a Class called "Small Discoveries," she won the blue ribbon and the show-wide Judges Award. Congratulations! For the first time, The RI Flower and Garden Show was part of the RI Home Show.

Marne Mailhot crossed state lines to enter the Rhode Island Flower Show for the first time. This lovely arrangement was created for a class entitled "One for the Ages," and called for a design of all fresh plant material in the manner of the Dutch/Flemish era.

Flora in Winter 2019
January 24-27, 2019
Worcester Art Museum

Sally Jablonski created this elegant design referencing the Freake's fine clothing, its lush colors and delicate textures.

The window featured a radiant angel walking through a field of lilies.

Sarah Ribeiro interpreted a Tiffany window using a beautiful custom-built container.

Kim Cutler used four husband-built containers and pavé flowers to interpret Deep Blue.

Julie Lapham captured the agular spirit and
brilliant color in Sheeler's Architectural Planes.

Marne Mailhot's lovely arrangement featured pristine spring flowers including roses, iris, apple blossoms, hellebores, and phlox.

Joan Laracy chose to highlight the punishing wheel in this dramatic arrangement interpreting the torture of St. Catherine.

Barbara Athy's design reflects the wonderful color transitions on this Xapotec funeral vessel.

Robin Whitney captured the elegance and pomp of an Empress and her entourage in Rome.

Kathy Michie put her flowers around the vase instead of in it! She chose to highlight Max Slevogt's technique with textured plant material.

Using a container made by Sarah Ribeiro, Mary Fletcher captured the refined nature of this Middle kingdom pharaoh.