Flower Shows


Since 1919, our members have demonstrated their talents at Flower Shows within Massachusetts and beyond. A portion of WGC's programming supports this activity through demonstrations and hands-on workshops. We are always amazed at the creativity and originality that resides in these individuals!

This page will always display work from the latest major flower show. For previous shows, click on the links to the left in the green bar. To see all or our designer's work, please scroll down.

In Club Flower Show, March 16, 2016

"A Slightly Twisted Flower Show"
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Milton Flower Show 2015

October 14-15, 2015
Milton Garden Club

She did it again!! Kathy Michie won a second Dororthy Vietor Munger Award for creative work of outstanding beauty using predominantly fresh plant material. This design was in a class was titled "Winter in the Blue Hills" and was a "Pot et Fleurs design in one or more containers utilizing shades of green, blue, grey, brown and white plant materials." Beautiful!

Zone One Flower Show 2015

June 15-16, 2015
Foxhill Garden Club

Kathy Michie's "Treasure Chest" arrangement won both first place and the Dororthy Vietor Munger Award. Congratulations Kathy!

Newport Flower Show 2015

June 19-21, 2015
American Beauty: Timeless Style
Rosecliff, Newport, RI

Sally Jablonski honored John Philip Sousa with her first-prize arrangement featuring a cymbal. The upright design suggests the sound that instrument would make!

Kim Cutler won blue for her "American Arts and Crafts" class. The arrangement features flowers from her garden and is set against a Frank lloyd Wright window.

Julie Lapham got the blue ribbon for this towering wedding cake in a class called "American Wedding Cakes".

In a class called "American Bridesmaid," Sarah Ribeiro created this lush bouquet. She placed it upon her ceramic strapless gown!

Kathy Michie rose to the challenge of creating a two sided arrangement and won two red ribbons. The theme was Classical and Modern American Decorator. Can you tell which is which?

Susan Dewey entered a class called American Paintings. She created this gorgeous, complex underwater design earning a yellow ribbon.

Ginna Thoma's niche design won a red ribbon in a class called Great American Novel. She interpreted Summer by Edith Wharton."