Flower Shows


Flora in Winter

January 31-February 2
Worcester Art Museum and Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Mary's elegant arrangement captured the serene quality of the 19th French portrait.

Julie Lapham's economical use of flowers echoes Alex Katz' economical use of paint.

Susan Dewey interpreted Gauguin's Brooding Woman creating the same tension in her arrangement as is in the painting.

Sally Jablonski interpreted the capture, betrayal, and restraint of this dramatic Baroque painting by binding and trapping red roses.

Robin responded in a colorful way to this Flemish Rest of the Flight to Egypt

Kim Cutler hoped to capture the solemn mood of Brueghal's The Marriage Procession.

Kathy Michie played off the round forms in Childe Hassem's The Breakfast Room.

Sarah Ribeiro loved the orange ovals in Ellsworth Kelly's figure-ground painting.

Julie Lapham looked toward spring melting
winter snows in this floral design at Tower Hill.

Ginna Thoma used white gourds and flowers and the is winter arrangement at Tower Hill.