Flower Shows


Flora in Winter

January 23-26, 2014
Worcester Art Museum

We are so proud of our members talents! Kim Cutler, Susan Dewey, Mary Fletcher, Sally Jablonski, Julie Lapham, Kathy Michie, Sarah Ribeiro, Val Stowe, and Robin Whitney created a floral designs for the event. Lisa Huntington built a garden featuring a knight in shining armor! Judy VanderSalm and Tammy Butler gave tours and Kristen Bafaro, Binky Bennet and Donna Rose volunteered at Saturday's demo. That's fifteen in all. Of course behind the scenes were perennial chairs Kathy Michie, Sarah Ribeiro, Robin Whitney and Kim Cutler.

Kathy Michie interpreted a whole room of artwork. Her arrangement had 3 sides because there were 3 doors into the room.

She choose leaf green foliage to echo the wall color and rich rusts to pull out the earth tones in the paintings.

Kim Cutler interpreted the kaleidscopic discs in Beatriz Milhazes painting with three floating pavé rings of flowers.

Interpreting a landscape by Samuel F.B. Morse, Mary Fletcher played off the compositional elements and warm colors in the painting.

Sally Jablonski created a monumental design to interpret this classic portrait of an English gentleman by Worcester's own Ralph Earle.

Sarah Ribeiro picked up the soft color and sensuous curves of Veronese's Venus Disarming Cupid in her arrangement. She asked a local welder to build the curvilinear container.

Val Stowe summoned lots of humor to interpret a Tang dynasty camel. The ceramic original is in the glass case behind the floral one.

Julie Lapham used and upside down hat as a container for her charming interpretation of a 19th century child's hat from China.

Susan Dewey emphasized the strength and nobility of these peasants in her interpretation of Julian Dupré's The Haymakers

Robin Whitney used color blocks in her arrangement to repeat the color blocks in Milton Avery's painting.