Flower Shows


Flora in Winter

January 26-February 1, 2015
Worcester Art Museum
Worcester, MA

This year 10 designers from our club participated in Flora with three others doing the Challenge Class. The arrangements were spectacular and all very different. Judy VanderSalm, Sarah Ribeiro, Tammy Butler, and Kim Cutler acted as docents giving tours. Robin Whitney, Joan Laracy, Barbara Athy, Urike Lies, Val Stowe and Marne Mailhot joined the watering team and Mary Ann Kennedy and Binky Bennet manned the demonstration. As usual Kim Cutler, Kathy Michie and Sarah Ribeiro chaired the event.

Susan Dewey played with dark and light foliage and blooms to recreate the composition of Study for a Venetian Blind by Edmund Tarbell.

Sally Jablonski created a symmetrical, statuesque arrangement of plant material native to Egypt to echo this ancient reserve statue of Hapidefai.

Using candlesticks as a container, Kim Cutler chose delicate white flowers to simulate the dress of the "Girl Playing Solitaire" by Frank Benson.

Kathy Michie used a tipped horizontal line, hot color, and sweeping callas to interpret this busy painting of Venus at the Forge of Vulcan.

Sarah Ribeiro brought Hogarth's Mr. and Mrs. James together using a pair of similar vases, flowers the color of their clothing, and a strong arch-shaped line linking the two.

Chocolate orchids and white callas describe the subtle play of brown and white in Mary Fletcher's interpretation of Copley's Portrait of John Bours.

Val Stowe picked up the warm colors and varied textures of this genre scene inside a barn by Alvan Fisher.

Robin Whitney recreated this 20th century jade basin with dragons using bells of Ireland and tiny green orchids

Julie Lapham's arrangement interprets a 14th century Italian sarcophagus cover (not pictured). Multi-level containers echo the shallow relief.

Ginna Thoma used a bent wood armature to highlight the Baroque twists and turns in Francesco Solimena's Assumption of the Virgin.

Flora in Winter

February 6-8, 2015
Tower Hill Botanic Garden
Boylston, MA

Robin Whitney used a "found log" and paired it with lilies to make her Rustic Elegance arrangement.

Kim Cutler experimented with a Hitomi Gillam-style transparent arrangement using red bamboo as an armature.

Kathy Michie made this arrangement to honor Connie Oliver who gave her this attractive metal support.

Sarah Ribeiro created both the ceramic container and the arrangement. Using flowers of varied form, color and texture, she heralded Spring in her exuberant design.