Case Statement proposing The Pollinator


Led by Cindy Pitcher, a group of WGC volunteer members has met 5 times since September 2015 to consider a project for our club. We have discussed what its parameters and goals would be; we have had "investigative meetings" with other local groups (Tower Hill, Broad Meadow Brook/Audubon and Ecotarium) to learn what they are planning, and to avoid duplicating their efforts. We've explored excellent Internet resources for our own information and for how we might use them. We have staffed a Pro-Pollinator table at the Ecotarium for their Earth Day celebration on April 22, 2016.

The need for this project:

At issue is the worldwide, unprecedented decline of pollinators ( honey bees, other bees, moths, bats, birds, and butterflies) attributed to a host of reasons including global warming, "colony collapse disorder", many toxic insecticides and herbicides proven to disrupt bee lives, mites, and viruses. Pollinators have been essential for life on this planet: most of the world's food supply, especially vegetables, fruits, nuts (and chocolate!) require pollination to produce crops.

Goals of The Pollinator Initiative to protect and promote pollinators: