Flower Shows


Art in Bloom

Museum of Fine Arts
Boston, Massachusetts

For the 2017 Art in Bloom, Joan Laracy used her incredible design skills to create a stunning arrangement to interpret an untitled contemporary Chinese porcelain sculpture. The reviews were “fabulous!”

Kathy Michie and Marne Mailhot created this tender interpretation on three young people in a boat by American Impressionist Frank Benson for the 2015 Art in Bloom. Kathy learned that this painting was donated to the Museum of Fine Arts by Mimi Coolidge Englehart's parents.

Interpreting a handsome suit of Samurai armor, Kim Cutler and Sherri Pitcher created this two-fisted arrangement in April 2014. It seeks to play off the aggression of the warrior and the elevated status of the elite soldier.

Kathy Michie and Susan Dewey created this structured arrangement for Art in Bloom, 2013.
The design interpreted a poster advertising a 1925 Dutch and Dutch-Indonesian Garden and Flower Exhibit.

Sarah Ribeiro and Tia Lotuff created this stunning arrangement for Art in Bloom which
was on view April 28-30, 2012. The 20th
century sculpture, entitled Femme Qui Marche (Walking Woman), is by Alberto Giacometti.

In 2011, Kim Cutler and Robin Whitney, interpreted a French Impressionist painting entitled Springtime in France for Art in Bloom. Their design played off the strong color blocks in the painting.