Horticulture Minute, March 2012


I would like to share some information about mail order nurseries and hope you all will have a chance to look at these places and take advantage of the knowledge available in the catalogs each publishes. I was prepared to hand out catalogs and coupons from a number of these different nurseries and will happily share these with any of you.
Sooo…here are a few of my favorite mail order nurseries and I encourage you to check them all out:

1. FEDCO: If you haven’t seen this nursery’s catalogs, you are really missing a treat. I love Fedco! Located in Maine, these people offer ornamental trees and shrubs but also all sorts of fruiting trees and shrubs! Plums, pears, apples, kiwi, raspberry, peaches etc….they also sell seeds….all types spinach, gourds, melons, beans etc. and tubers! Their catalogs are AMAZING and their plant stock is as well. Be aware, these folks stop taking orders early in the season FOR TREES FINAL ORDER DEADLINE IS MARCH 12. Please I encourage you to check out this nursery online. You will not be sorry. I have purchased a Japanese tree lilac, hydrangeas and other plants from this nursery. No losses. Good plants!!

2.FAIRWEATHER GARDENS: These folks are located in New Jersey. Want a magnolia?! This nursery has some gorgeous cultivars. The magnolia featured on the cover is amazing and hardy to our zone. They also offer unusual perennials, trees, shrubs of all kinds as well as clematis. I have quite a few of these catalogs and would be happy to share. Please let me know if you would like one I can mail it or arrange for Delivery

3.MUSSER FORESTS: Musser Forests of Pennsylvania sells a wide variety of seedlings including many native species as well as some ornamentals. Need bulk groundcover? These folks offer bulk varieties of pachysandra, vinca, evergreens and almost any other plant they sell. I have purchased dogwoods, redbuds, oaks, spirea, inkberry holly and viburnum from this nursery with great success. The good thing about seedlings is that they don’t generally get set back when planted. Larger trees may take time to set in, seedlings can hit the ground growing!!! Prices are right. Have a look!

4.RARE FIND NURSERY: This nursery is also located in New Jersey. Hank Schaanen started the nursery years ago. He was a rhododendron collector and propagator and well respected in the industry. He passed away but his nursery has continued his work. They offer a large variety of rhododendrons (yummy!) as well as interesting evergreens, perennials, vines, trees and shrubs. I have purchased many rhododendrons and azaleas for this nursery and have been very pleased with their plants.

5. BROKEN ARROW NURSERY: This nursery is a little closer to home. Located in Hamden CT, I have seen Broken Arrow plants for sale at the Tower Hill Plant sale and for good reason! This nursery has a special love for mountain laurel but also offers some fantastic plant variety. I’ve purchased several trees including a Clethra Barbinervis (thank you John Trexler) and a Stewartia from this nursery. Plant stock was strong and took right away. Mail order plants will be smaller than plants you can find at the nursery for pick up. This nursery is fantastic!! ….Road trip???? 10% discount to garden club members who purchase plants in person at the nursery

6. AVANT GARDENS: Avant gardens is a specialty nursery located in Dartmouth MA. They do not put out a catalog. Mail order plants sell out early. I have a bunch of coupons for $5.00 off an order of 30.00 or more. Place your order online and use promocode SAVE5 to get the discount. With interesting annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs. This nursery is definitely worth the trip!