Flower Shows


In Club Flower Show, March 21, 2016

"A Slightly Twisted Flower Show"
Worcester Club

Members of the club dove right in and created slightly twisted designs that showed off burgeoning talent in new comers and expertise among the experienced. Everyone learned by doing and were further enlightened by the comments of Judge Maryellen O'Brien.

Maryellen O'Brien comments on an arrangement by Robin Whitney.

Kathy Michie, Chairman of the Flower Show, created this exquisite design using
red, white and blue flowers of different form and texture.

Joan Laracy combined orchids from the market with flowers from her mother's garden (in Florida) to create this delightful horizontal deign.

Kim Cutler used arching peach French tulips with a darker orange pincushion protea to make an asymmetric, horizontal flower arrangement.

Sarah Ribeiro had fun using multiple leaf manipulations in this Twist and Shout design.

Marne Mailhot called on her inner-Asian aesthetic to create this quietly
elegant design.

Sarah Lenis used her antique "chain vase" to create a centerpiece with small bouquets in this festive spring table.

Lynne Tonna and Moira Monihan-Manoog gathered an eclectic and colorful group of objects to create an playful Easter table.

Here is a table with four designs in the xxx class. From left to right: Donna Rose, XX XXX, Marne Mailhot, and Robin Whitney.