Flower Shows


Worcester Garden Club Flower Show

Historical Moments • March 15-17, 2012
Worcester Historical Museum • Worcester, Massachusetts

Class 1: Innovation, a pot-et-fleur design

Lisa Huntington won the blue for this this
"un-canny" design with Worcester's barbed wire.

Mary Fletcher won red for this arrangement which featured shredded wheat, a Worcester invention.

Val Stow created a charming garden design featuring a 19th century coffee pot.

Kathy Farber's first ever arrangement ever was a symphony in cool colors.

Class 2: Art and Culture, a monochromatic design design

Sarah Ribeiro won blue, Best in Show and Best Design for this "painterly" arrangement in red.

Lisa Huntington won red and the Novice Award for this lime green arrangement.

Robin Whitney won third place for this design in pure white.

Sherri Pitcher and Kim Gardula collaborated on this fun fantasy in orange.

Class 3: Revisiting the Past, an abstract design

Kim Cutler took first place with this
"recorded message."

Lisa Huntington featured the Beattles in her funky second place arrangement.

Ginna Thoma played off the yellow surroundings in this abstract creation.

Sarah Ribeiro designed this "puzzling" arrangement.

Class 4: Heart of the Commonwealth, a modern mass design,

Kim Cutler took the "heart" quite literally in this first place arrangement.

Kathy Michie won red for this arrangement of the same color. Note the exquisite textures.

Sue Groves interpreted the "Heart of the Commonwealth" with this complex, stunning design.