Worcester Garden Club Flower Show

Horticulture Division Awards
March 15-16, 2012
Worcester Historical Museum

Sarah Ribeiro won Best in Show for these mother/daughter jade plants.

Sue Groves won the Novice Award for this gorgeous clivia.

Class 1a: City Hall, Broadleaf Evergreen

Blue: Ginna Thoma
Red: Ginna Thoma
Yellow: Ginna Thoma
White: Sue Wolfenden

Class 1b: City Hall, Needled Evergreen

Blue: Ginna Thoma & Sue Wolfenden
Red: Sue Wolfenden & Sue Wolfenden
Yellow: Ginna Thoma & Ginna Thoma
White: Sue Wolfenden

Class 2: Elm Park, Forced Flowering Branches

Blue: Robin Whitney
Red: Lisa Huntington
Yellow: Lisa Huntington
White: Sue Groves

Class 3: Greendale, Houseplants Grown for Flowers

Blue: Sarah Ribeiro
Red: Sarah Ribeiro
Yellow: Sue Groves (Novice Award)

Class 4: Main South, Houseplants Grown for Foliage

Blue: Lisa Huntington & Mary Fletcher
Red: Mary Fletcher & Sarah Ribeiro
Yellow: Sue Groves

Class 5: An Exhibit of Outstanding Merit

Blue: Sarah Ribeiro (Best in Show)
Red: Ginna Thoma