Brighten Your Winter

Tips for Living Color Inside Your Home

red amaryllis

Growing Amaryllis

TIMING: October to end of April
PREPARATION: Submerge base and roots
of bulb in lukewarm water for a few hours.
Plant in nutritious potting compost up to
its neck and press firmly into soil.
Place in warm sunlight, water sparingly until
bud and leaves appear, then more frequently.

Luscious flowers in 7-10 weeks.

Forced paperwhites in bloom.

Hardy Bulb Forcing

Common hardy bulbs like daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses , tulips and paper whites can be forced to bloom off season and inside the home. Among these, paper whites are by far the easiest as they require no cooling period before potting. Cooling involves removing bulbs from soil or purchasing in early fall, keeping bulbs in a cool spot (40-50 degrees) (can be refrigerated) for 10-13 weeks.

Paper white tips:

Fill container with moist soil less mix or pebbles and place in a semi-light, warm spot
Plant snugly , anchoring bulbs with a layer of sand or gravel
Once rooted, move to warm spot (75 degrees), full sun.
Enjoy flowering and delicious scent—rarely can be forced a second time

Other hardy bulbs tips:

After cooling fill container (drainage hole) with moist soilless planting medium
Place container in moderate light and check root growth by drainage hole
Do not overwater before growth begins as root rot may set in
Rooting takes about 2 weeks in temperatures of 50-60 degrees
Move to full sun and 75 degrees for flowering
When stalks die back, bulbs can be put out in the garden until the next fall