Flower Shows


Since 1919, our members have demonstrated their talents at Flower Shows within Massachusetts and beyond. A portion of WGC's programming supports this activity through demonstrations and hands-on workshops. We are always amazed at the creativity and originality that resides in these individuals!

This page will always display work from the latest major flower show. For previous shows, click on the links to the left in the green bar. To see all or our designer's work, please scroll down.

Zone One Flower Show, 2016

Beehive of Activity
September 26-27, 2016
Cranwell Resort, Lenox, MA

PLEASE NOTE: Lisa Huntington won the GCA Novice Award in Horticulture for a beautiful dish of succulents. Sarah Ribeiro, Julie Lapham and Kathy Michie also entered designs in the botanical arts division. Unfortunately, we have no photos of this work.

Four members of the Worcester Garden Club participated in a class called
“A Bee in Her Bonnet". Judges gave this class a special commendation for four exceptional contemporary designs.

Kim Cutler received the blue and the Dorothy Veiter Munger Award for an arrangement of extreme beauty.

Julie Lapham earned a red ribbon placing gorgeous sunflowers inside a wire “bonnet.”

Ginna Thoma’s breezy bonnet featured yellow daisies and wind blown red callas.

Sarah Ribeiro’s “bonnet” was created with yellow reed swirling around yellow flowers.

In a class called "The Flight of the Bumblebee," Kathy Michie placed multiple bouquets in a metal stand and linked them with vines.

Sarah all entered Horticulture and won the top award, the Rosie Jones, for "A firecracker of a plant!" This is the second time she has won this award.

Kathy Michie stitched this small ornament for a class called "The Pollinator’s Garden." She added bells for a festive jingle!

Laura Glazier got the blue for this exquisite pillow in a class called "The Decorated Hive." The class required at least five different stitches in the needlework.